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[SENSHI] Sailor Chibimoon.

Sailors Moon and Mars were failing to contain a daimon at a festival, and Uranus and Neptune abandoned them. Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard. It was Chibiusa, and she was wearing a senshi fuku. She used her Pink Moon Stick to subdue the monster long enough for Moon to finish off the monster.

Neo Queen Serenity allowed her daughter to go to the 20th Century to train under the senshi. Chibiusa was given her own Prism Heart Compact and wand to aid in her duties. Chibimoon was quite enthusiastic about fighting, but she required a lot more skill when it came to combat. Like Sailor Moon, Chibimoon mostly flailed or evaded in battle scenarios. Whenever she tried to use her Pink Sugar Heart Attack move, it didn’t always work right away. Once it did, Chibimoon managed to distract or sting the enemy.

On several occasions, she saved the other senshi when they were up against a tough Death Buster villain or monster. Usually this was with Tuxedo Mask’s assistance. In episode 121, Tellu launched a plant attack at Chibimoon, and the small senshi countered with an onslaught of heart shaped energy similar to Moon’s Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

While looking for Hotaru, Chibimoon was kidnapped by Kaolinite in episode 123. She was taken to the Messiah’s lair, and Hotaru forcefully removed the child’s pure heart crystal. Upon consuming it, the girl turned into Mistress 9. Without her crystal, Chibiusa would have died. So, Mamoru combined his life force with his daughter’s until the senshi could stop the Death Busters.

Pharaoh 90 was eliminated, and Chibiusa was going back to the future in episode 127. In the space-time corridor, she changed her mind and turned around. The other senshi were losing to a leftover daimon. Chibimoon’s time portal opened up above, and she fell right onto the monster.

In SuperS, Chibiusa was pushed to the spotlight for storylines. She was befriended by a flying unicorn called Pegasus (the animal form of Helios, the guardian of Elysion). It turned her and Usagi into Super Sailor Senshi. The Dead Moon Circus was after the creature, which hid inside a golden dream mirror. Chibimoon turned out to be the carrier and was captured by the enemy. She and Moon combined their efforts to seal the Dead Moon Circus’ queen, Nehelenia, with Helios’ Golden Crystal. In the season ender, Nehelenia threw an unconscious Chibimoon off of the floating barge that contained the Dead Moon Circus ruins. Sailor Moon jumped after her, and Pegasus saved them both.

At the beginning of the final season, Chibiusa was going to go home permanently. Nehelenia was released from her mirror prison, and she targeted the White Moon family. When Mamoru was placed under the queen’s thrall, Chibiusa began to fade away. Without Usagi and Mamoru’s union, they would never have a daughter. The senshi followed Usagi, who searched for Mamoru in Nehelenia’s realm. Saturn and Chibimoon arrived at Nehelenia’s lair to rescue Mamoru. Saturn was going to use her Silence Glaive to kill Nehelenia until Chibimoon stopped her. She knew that her friend would die, too, and didn’t want that. Chibimoon fell and disappeared as if she never existed. The Sailor Senshi managed to stop Nehelenia, and Chibimoon returned. Chibiusa went to Crystal Tokyo off screen, and was not shown again until episode 198. There, she was in her school fuku, and it was Usagi’s dream sequence. Galaxia took Mamoru’s star seed early on, and he died because of it. Presumably, Chibiusa disappeared, too, until Galaxia was defeated.

Sailor Chibimoon’s choker, pleated skirt, knee high boots, ear studs and sailor collar were all pink. The collar had two stripes like Sailor Moon’s. The chest bow was red, and topped with the Prism Heart Compact. Around the top of her elbow length gloves were two pink rings. Her shoulder pads, with only two scallops, connected to the bust section. The skirt and red back bow attached to a white, padded hip roll at the waist. The jewel in her tiara was red, and white barrettes (like Super Sailor Moon’s) appeared in her hair after the Holy Grail was formed. In her cone shaped hair buns were red, circular accents with white borders. Attached to those were white fittings that looked like rabbit ears. Her pink, flat heeled boots had white edging along the triangular tip below the knee. The choker was affixed with a pink heart ornament on the front.

With her new Chibi Moon Compact in SuperS, Chibimoon turned to Super Sailor Chibimoon. The main differences included: yellow collar stripes, a crescent moon in the tiara, large crescent moon earrings, a yellow choker with a red heart, and a larger, white back bow. Her boots featured crescent moons on the triangular tips, and her shoulder sleeves were translucent and wing-like. The hip roll becomes pointed on the sides of the waist, and is topped with a yellow band. A duplicate Chibi Moon Compact is placed on the front center of the adjoining roll and band.

Japanese name: セーラーちびムーン、スーパーセーラーちびムーン
Voice Actor: Kae Araki
Appearance: S-SuperS TV & Movies, episodes 167-172.

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